The nonverbal communication primer

Post dedicated to high school teachers with the aim of hinting at ways to (re)familiarize with the often overlooked importance of nonverbal communication to improve modes of communicating in the classroom. After viewing the material, teachers are coaxed into producing two brief communicative outputs.


Output A – Transform the teacher: Miss Edna Krabappel from the Simpsons is defined by her cynicism, short temper, loneliness and uncaring attitude towards her students. Taking into account what you have just watched and read about strategic communication and the value of congruency between verbal and nonverbal messages, use your magic to avert your students from their phones (or any other distractors) and engage them in solving the math problems on the blackboard. To reflect on action, let’s watch you in action: don’t be shy and insert your video on Heyoya!

Output B – How to enthrall your students today along the lines of professor John Keating’s “method” from the cult movie Dead Poets Society? Looking into the eyes of young men and women and gathering close to each other: what weight does nonverbal communication hold in passing on the passion for knowing? Let’s hear your voice, thoughts and feelings on the subject.